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midterm 2 questions 4

midterm 2 questions 4 - Legionnarie’s disease was first...

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MECO 280 – Pollution and Human Health Eventually Rn 222 decays into lead It is estimated that the percentage of lunch cancer deaths due to radon is 10% Formaldehyde may be found in: synthetic carpets, construction materials, cigarette smokes, all of the above Formaldehyde is soluble in water Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) encompassing a number of related effects that include: headaches, watery eyes, dry skin, all of the above
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Unformatted text preview: Legionnarie’s disease was first observed in 1976 in Philadelphia The Maunder Minimum refers to a minimum in solar sunspot activity The energy released by a photon can be expressed in the mathematical form: E=hv , what does h represents? Planck’s constant The fundamental unit of Radiation dose is: roentgen, rad, rem, all of the above (Most commonly used is rem)...
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