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Criminology - Exam 3 Study GuideSpr06 - o Profile of...

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Criminology Spring 2006 Dr. Roberts Exam 3 Study Guide Readings AML Book – Chapters 10, 11, & 13; class notes Chapter 10 Criminal homicide o Murder – 1 st degree, 2 nd degree, felony Characteristics of murder Serial murder vs. mass murder o Manslaughter – voluntary, involuntary o Negligent homicide Assault – simple, aggravated o Characteristics of assault Family-related crimes o Spouse abuse Thurman v. Torrington o Child abuse o Elder abuse Rape o Rape shield laws o Typology of rape Stranger rape Predatory rape Date rape Kidnapping Robbery o Types of robbers? Chapter 11 Larceny o Types Shoplifting Art theft FBI’s National Stolen Art file Motor vehicle theft 1
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“Carjacking” Boat theft Fraud o Types Obtaining property by false pretenses Confidence games Check forgery Credit card crimes Insurance fraud Auto insurance schemes – types? Health insurance schemes – types? High-tech crimes
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Unformatted text preview: o Profile of high-tech criminals? Burglary Fencing Arson Chapter 13 Frequently used legal and illegal drugs o Alcohol Prohibition New temperance? Most widely used and abused drug! o Marijuana “Gateway drug” Most commonly used and trafficked illicit drug! o Cocaine Mid-1980s crack explosion – “War on Drugs” o Club drugs Ecstasy (MDMA) = “new cocaine” Ketamine (“Special K”) = horse tranquilizer LSD (“Acid”) = hallucinogen GHB (“liquid ecstasy”) = date rape drug Rohypnol (“Roofies”) = date rape drug o Heroin o Psychotherapeutic drugs OxyContin o Inhalants “Sudden sniff death syndrome” Sexual morality offenses o Deviate sexual intercourse – sodomy Lawrence v. Texas (2002) 2 o Prostitution o Pornography Miller v. California (1973) 3...
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Criminology - Exam 3 Study GuideSpr06 - o Profile of...

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