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Chapter 14 outline HLTh 202

Chapter 14 outline HLTh 202 - ii Amphetamines 1...

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Illicit Drugs: Use, Misuse, Abuse Chapter 14 1. Drug dynamics a. Types of drugs i. Prescription drugs ii. Over the counter drugs iii. Recreational drugs (alcohol, tobacco, tea) iv. Herbal preparations v. Illicit (illegal) drugs vi. Commercial preparations (paints, glues, etc) b. Routes of administration of drugs i. Oral ingestion ii. Injections 1. Intravenous injection – directly into vein 2. Intramuscular injection – directly into muscle 3. Subcutaneous injection – into layer of fat just below skin iii. Inhalation iv. Inunction – like the patch behind ear, introduced though skin v. Suppositories 2. Controlled substances a. Stimulants i. Cocaine 1. Methods of use 2. Physical effects 3. Cocaine-affected babies 4. Types of cocaine a. Freebase b. Crack 5. Cocaine addiction and society
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Amphetamines 1. Methamphetamine and ice iii. Marijuana 1. Physical effects of marijuana 2. THC 3. Hashish 4. Effects of chronic marijuana use 5. Marijuana and medicine 6. Marijuana and driving iv. Opiates 1. Physical effects 2. Heroin addiction 3. Treatment for heroin addiction a. Methadone maintenance b. Hallucinogens (psychedelics) i. LSD ii. Mescaline iii. Psilocybin iv. PCP c. Designer Drugs i. Ecstasy d. Inhalants i. Amyl nitrite ii. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) e. Steroids i. Anabolic steroids 3. Illegal drug use in the United States a. Drugs in the workplace i. Approx 9% are on drugs in the workplace b. Solutions to the problem i. Use a multi model approach...
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Chapter 14 outline HLTh 202 - ii Amphetamines 1...

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