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Persuasive Paper Ideas - Journal 11 What to Persuade March...

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Journal 11 • What to Persuade •March 3, 2008 • 406 Words I could write about adult cartoons. Cartoons should not feature adult content. I will borrow ideas from the sample in the textbook. It’s bad because it’s a cartoon, so parents just assume its okay for their children. Allowing children to watch adult content like this exposes them to stuff they don’t need to know about at such a young age. This could lead to children participate in activities at a younger age before they are ready or have learned the consequences. The violence aspect could also be discussed. I could write about who is to blame for the gas/oil prices. The big oil companies are to blame. They keep jacking up the prices. I could use the interview from the profile essay as a source. I could also use the statistics from the project we had to do in unit 8 from management information systems. I would compare the price that we are harvesting it out of the ground or the barrel price to what they are charging at the pump. I also realize there would be a lot of resources on
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