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English 101 Section 060 February 6, 2006 The article known as “Attitudes on Dating, Courtship, and Marriage: Perspectives on In- Group Versus Out-Group Relationships by Religious Minority and Majority Adolescents” was written by Carol Markstrom-Adams. This article gives an overview of the dating and courtship inside of a Mormon community. The people who were studied and questioned were the Mormon and non-Mormon adolescents. These adolescents lived in a predominantly Mormon community. Even though the Mormon is a majority inside the state of Utah, a number of adolescents were asked if they preferred courting Mormons, if they were Mormon, or if they preferred dating non-Mormons, if they weren’t Mormons. It also came to be known that the Mormons used religion and courtship as a screening for marriage. This is to be because a Mormon can not marry outside of his or her own religion. This article states that of 373 individuals, 41.6% men
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Unformatted text preview: and 42.5% women, a possible mate of a different faith was an eliminating factor in mate selection. This study was conducted on 47 non-Mormon (18 male and 29 female) and 36 Mormon (15 male and 21 female) high school students. Researchers researched the non-Mormons from a variety of different religions such as Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and Southern Baptist. Because this experiment was condoned in Utah, these religious backgrounds were considered a minority. Both the Mormons and non-Mormon participants were from the same general area and also from the same class of people which were middle-class. Such questions were asked to these adolescents to determine which type of people they courted and if this helped in deciding who they were to marry. This research was viable to practitioners and also other research scientist....
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