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Homework solutions: Ch. 14, part a E14–5. 1. A Profit margin 2. H Inventory turnover ratio 3. B Average collection period 4. L Dividend yield ratio 5. C Return on equity 6. G Current ratio 7. K Debt/equity ratio 8. M Price/earnings ratio 9. E Financial leverage percentage 10. I Receivable turnover ratio 11. J Average days’ supply of inventory 12. D Earnings per share 13. N Return on assets 14. F Quick ratio 15. Q Times interest earned ratio
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Unformatted text preview: 16. O Cash coverage ratio 17. P Fixed asset turnover E14–1. 1. Car manufacturer (high inventory; high property & equipment; lower inventory turnover) 2. Wholesale candy company (high inventory turnover) 3. Retail fur store (high gross profit; high inventory) 4. Advertising agency (low inventory; absence of gross profit)...
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