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TITLE - Experiment which involves methods used in testing for the amount of bacteria and other living cells in water. Abstract: The water was taken from a small creek in Hendersonville, North Carolina. It was then tested for E. coli, coliform species, bacteria, and fecal strep by counting the colonies of bacteria found on the red, white, and blue paddle samplers and the cylindrical sampler. Results were estimated per 100 mL of sample and concluded that the water sample was contaminated from human fecal wastes. Due to the results, hypotheses were made about what caused the particular types of bacteria to grow by observing the surrounding environment and the water itself. In Hendersonville, NC, a muddy medium sized creek flows through a small local park. It is surrounded by grass on both sides. Directly across from the collection site, there is a baseball field. Downstream, more business offices and buildings flourish. Upstream, housing developments and businesses are presents. Due to being located in Patton Park, on the opposite side of the baseball field and on the other side of the collection site, there is a parking lot and a possible site for run-off to occur from the parking lot. Some plants can be observed in the creek, mostly being grasses. Many small rocks and debris from trees can be found in the stream. No notable form of life exists in the water. The possible origin of the creek is unknown due to its disappearance underground after exiting the park. Bench Five 1
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Water_Testing_Project_07 - Water Testing Project TITLE...

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