gp part 3 - Accounting 12 Group Project Phase Three Due...

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Accounting 12 Group Project Phase Three Due Date: Thursday, March 20th Required 1. 1) Description of the product Hot BBQ sandwich: Tender roast beef smothered in a sweet yet tangy barbeque sauce covered by a blanket of 5 bacon strips, Cole slaw and sharp cheddar cheese, all wrapped between the warm embrace of a toasty country ciabatta roll. Your tasty meal comes with your choice of Frito Lay chips and a soda. 2) We believe customers will be attracted to our product because Customers will be attracted to our product because of the taste and quality of the ingredients. People like BBQ’s, they inspires a sense of home cooking. Generally it is a comfort food; a good BBQ will do wonders for your psyche. Just the smell of a BBQ can make your mouth water; it is such a unique mixture of flavors and smells. Required 2. 1) Name of the business (provide a reason for choosing this name) CAALI SANDWICH: We have chosen the name CAALI SANDWICH because it contains all of the founder’s initials (Cheryl, Adam, Allison, Leanne…Incorporated) and is pronounced “Cali”, like the state in which our company was founded. This name is original, unique, and representative of both our product and its origin. 2) Location of the business (provide a reason for choosing this location) We have chosen to open our restaurant in the city of Cupertino. The city of Cupertino is home to many business and Silicon Valley companies, notably Apple; the workforce of the city of Cupertino is currently recorded at about 15,500 people daily. Therefore, our key target market is the business person, while we also hope to get sales from families, students and the retired. By placing our restaurant in a location near a school and also near many large companies we hope to get a lot of traffic both from all the demographics listed above. The ideal location would be somewhere near or on the corner of De Anza Boulevard and Stevens Creek. These both are sizable streets, strategically situated near both the Apple campus and De Anza College. 3) Size in squire footage (provide a reason to choose this size) Rental fees per square feet can range anywhere from $12 to $65 per square foot. In the bay area, notably the cities of Santa Clara and Cupertino, the average rental cost
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per square foot for a retail location is about $42.00. Therefore, the restaurant should range from 800 to 1,600 square feet; this would be equivalent to a 40x20 room or 40x40 room. These dimensions provide a sufficient amount of space to make/sell the product and, at the same time keeps rental cost per square unit to a minimum. The goal when running a restaurant business is to find a location which has ample room but is not too spacious because if the business had a lot of extra square footage this would account for wasted money on rent (since most rent is calculated by the square foot). Because our business is not going to be a sit-in styled restaurant – just drive-through and pick-up – it isn’t necessary to have a huge location. 4) Describe how you will do to ensure that your service is indeed “super fast”
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gp part 3 - Accounting 12 Group Project Phase Three Due...

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