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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 20 Women’s CH.14 Mens Ch.15 1. One of the subjects brought about in the men’s book is whether or not masculinities should change. I don’t think they should part of being a man is everything that is masculine today, If you think about it I would say we are less masculine now then we used to be. When a man was a man because he could kill an animal for his dinner the fitter and stronger the more the man you were today that’s not always the case. A man that gets really rich but maybe is not necessarily fit would still probably be considered masculine by many. So I think that what makes someone masculine has already in many ways been way down graded in many ways. 2 . In chapter fourteen of the women’s book it has an interesting little thing under being an Activist. It talks about how some people devote their life to being a feminist but others are just normal everyday people. That got me thinking in my opinion I think its great that people would
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