Article Critque #1 - in a full-factorial 2 (participant...

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Travis Marziani 9-24-07 Kwan Min Lee, Katharine Liao, Seoungho Ryu (2007). Children's Responses to Computer Synthesized Speech In Educational Media: Gender Consistency and Gender Similarity Effects. Human Communication Research, Vol. 33, Iss. 3; pg. 310. Topic The topic of this article is studying children’s response to gender cues in computerized speech and the learning process from computerized speech. Hypothesis The researchers hypothesized that the children would learn best from A computerized voice that was similar in gender to their own. Method Eighty 5th-grade school children were assigned randomly to one of the conditions
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Unformatted text preview: in a full-factorial 2 (participant gender) x 2 (voice gender) x 2 (content gender) experiment. Results The results show that the children apply social gender based rules to the synthesized speech; the children also evaluate synthesized speech more positively and trust it more, as well as learning better when the voice’s gender matches their own. My Interesting Question My question is what gender voice do kids best learn from? My Reaction I wasn’t surprised by this study at all, because children grow up knowing there is two genders so its no surprise that they would assign a gender/social role to a synthesized voice....
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Article Critque #1 - in a full-factorial 2 (participant...

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