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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper #1 1. My first I am impression of this book is that is a good stride away from what in my opinion seems to be the norm of modern society. What I mean by that, is that it seems every time you here some related to gender, sexism or many other things of that nature it seems like its taken from a feminine angle. Sexism is something you would never hear as happening to guys or if you do its cause its on the news due to the fact that its so rare and humorous. One great example of this if you see someone look at a guy and expect them to do masculine things due to the fact that there a guy that is complete normal and expected. I personally have no problems with this thought process however if a guy thinks the same things about a girl it is taken as a negative more often then not even if it wasn’t meant to be negative. 2. My first question is what is the difference between gender and sex? I’m sure that in a later chapter this will be answered but as of know I am very confused on this aspect. 3.
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