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PP Paper #2 - culture or maybe even farther down Because...

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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper #2 1. So far my first impression of this book is that is going to be a more down to earth book then I thought it was going to be. When I first heard that we had to read this book I figured that it would be a super feminist man hating book. So far though even though the author is a female it has been somewhat objective. 2. My first question is if the person in figure 1.3 was actually a girl or a boy? I looked and I assume it was a girl because the facial features seemed more feminine and he/she was dressed in what looked to be guys clothes and I could see the author doing that to confuse us. 3. I found it interesting how the booked talked about how male and female psychology are different but didn’t stop there and went into race. The book talked about how a White and African-American female are different. I was thinking about this before because if take Human Psychology and separate male and female, then shouldn’t you separate even farther into race or
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Unformatted text preview: culture, or maybe even farther down. Because what a white male does or thinks is probably a lot different then what I think about the same situation if they grew up in a different part of the world. 4. In chapter one the book went over how male seem to be the dominate sex and often have the power. I personally believe that this stems from far back because men where often the providers and even if they where not like maybe the women did the food finding they were physically dominant, so men naturally have evolved to be in control. 5. The difference between White and for instance African-American women from my opinion are very big, while with any stereotype it isn’t always true but the book does seem to be correct in saying that African-American women seem to often be more violent and more self sufficient....
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