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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper #3 Masculine Self Ch.2 1. In the box 2.2 where it talked about behaviors that guys just shouldn’t do, I found that there was a couple that I do. One thing that I do that really isn’t what guys are suppose to do is talk. I talk a lot and about everything, including in the past about girlfriends which is a guy no no in some sense. I am one of those people that just honestly love to talk about everything, if something happens to me that I find weird or crazy I want to tell people and I find myself telling everyone I see that I know. I have actually that about how this is probably weird behavior for a guy and tried to stop doing it as much but was apparently not very successful. 2. In that same box 2.2 it says one of things that is a guy no no is telling friends how much you value their friendship without being drunk, this reminded me of a time when one of my friends were drunk and was telling everyone how much he loved us and what great friends we were even
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Unformatted text preview: though I hadnt even hung out with him in years. And I thought about how things you do and say when your drunk people dont really care about cause they figure you were drunk. 3. My only real question in this chapter was what are proscriptive norms? I read through and didnt fully understand that concept but I dont think it is extremely important. 4. One of the concepts that was talked about was male bashing and I was thinking about this before this class there is just as much sexism against men as women but I just believe men dont really care. When girls say something against guys I just laugh and say good one or something of that nature girls on the other hand often get pissed off. 5. My sister had a shirt that said boys are stupid throw rocks at them and I didnt even think twice about it, if it was the other way around however, my parents I guarantee would have been upset by it and made me return it....
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