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Extra credit letter to Women Author

Extra credit letter to Women Author - Dear Mrs Janice D...

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Dear. Mrs. Janice D. Yoder My name is Travis Marziani and I am currently attending College of the Canyons in Valencia, Ca. For my psychology of gender roles class we are using your book as a text guide. In reading this book I have had a lot of comments and questions and figured that this would be a great way to share any comments and or concerns with you. The book seems to be in my mind very one sided at times, and talks about only certain circumstances without talking about others. However I know in some instances this is necessary as this a book about women and not about men, however I felt that this next couple of examples really only showed one side of the story. In the book you are talking about sexual harassment in the work place and with out a doubt there is some very inappropriate behavior that takes place in some offices and there is a line that should never be crossed. However in talking to women that I go to school with friends and other
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