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PP Paper #5 - associate things with being either masculine...

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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 5 Women and Gender Ch.4 and Masculine Self Ch.3=4 1. In reading chapter 4 of the masculine self it really made me realize a lot about my self. It made me think about how we say that girls have cooties as kids. This in my mind is because boys don’t want to be associated with girls and that maybe being touched by a girl will make you more girly. So boys that play with girls then have cooties thus they are not allowed to play with the other boys because they may give them the cooties. Of course there is always the option of the circle circle dot dot now they got the cootie shoot option. 2. My question for this chapter of the men’s book is, do all young kids react the same to certain issues. For example its always been my impression that if you do something to one child it will make him or her a certain way but if you do the same thing to another child it will have possibly the exact effect. 3. In the women’s book it followed a very similar idea that growing up kids at a very young age
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Unformatted text preview: associate things with being either masculine or feminine. The children don’t want to usually be against what they are suppose to be. For instance a boy doesn’t want to be all emotional and cry every time he gets hurt. 4. My question from the women’s book is why are there so many tomboys and not the vice versa they talked a little about this but even still im curious. 5. Reading these chapters reminds me of being a kid, and that I wanted to show how tuff I was compared to everyone else. I remember at our community pool there was a thing that shot out cold water and I would see how long I could stand it front of it without giving in and stopping from standing in front of it. I remember watching other kids do it and stop quickly and I thought to myself I could last a lot longer then them, so I did to show that I was “more of a man” I guess....
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