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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 6 Masculine Self Ch.5 1. I thought the whole Tahitian males way of thinking and life was very interesting. An idea of men not being aggressive or even being that different from women is a weird one in my opinion. I always kind of felt that women whether they will admit it or not are into the whole super macho kind of guy at least when it comes to non marriage situations. Hence why the jerks always seem to get the most beautiful girls and the nice guys tend to be left out to dry. In Tahiti however it’s only based on personality from what it sounds like. 2. My question is why do some cultures not have men that are “masculine” while others have hyper masculine men? I would think that maybe this has something to do with the testosterone levels. 3. After reading this chapter Im surprised that so many people think that men acting aggressive and so on is not biology. I know from experience that having more testosterone makes you more
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Unformatted text preview: aggressive and competitive and everything else that guys are known for stereotypically being. I changed my diet and started working out harder which both of those make people make more testosterone, and I could feel the difference at times things pissed me off that normally wouldnt have and I was more willing to fight (verbally). 4. The increased incarnation rate for African-Americans made me wonder if any of it has to do with profiling, personally I dont think that it does too much maybe a little but im sure people that are of that ethnicity would beg to differ with me on this subject. 5. In reading this chapter one thing that I found that was interesting was the fact that (according at least to the book), the general population finds Asian men to be all most nerdy and the book said that they dont appear much on television. However that Asian women are seen as hyper sexual, this made me wonder why are the different sexes seen to be so different....
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