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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 7 Masculine Self Ch.6 1. In the book it was talking about how different groups make different amounts of money for instance African Americans make less then whites on average. This doesn’t surprise me because on willing to bet if you did a study on average more white people have their degree and or have better jobs not because the fact that they are discriminated against but because the choices they make and or need to make. As a “privileged” white male it may be hard for me to see this but I think that I have worked my butt off and I have seen others of the same and different races that havn’t worked nearly as hard as me, and I will probably end up making more money then they will. To me it isn’t that big of a surprise I work harder I make more, however that being said I do know that a lot of minorities cant afford to go to school cause they need to help out their families. Still in my heart I believe if I was in that situation I would work my way out.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Another Interesting thing from this chapter is that Asian people on average make more then White people do. In my opinion this completely wipes off the stereotype that white people only get to where they are cause their white. From my experiences on average Asian people seem to work harder and or be smarter then many white people so it makes sense that they would make more. 3. My Question is how much truth is there really in the whole if you’re homophobic then you must be gay ideal. I think in some causes it could have some truth but to me it sounds very crazy for the majority of people. 4. Why is AIDs a disease that seems to be so prevalent between gay people? 5. I found it interesting about how as men get older they care less about being masculine, I personally hope that I never get old because something about old people just creeps me out I don’t ever want to be to tired to walk or get up, or ever have to wear a diaper again in my life....
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