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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 9 Masculine Self Ch.8 1. This chapter reminded me of the exercise that we did at the end of class where you were suppose to stand on one side of the classroom if you agree with something strongly, and on the other side of the classroom if you disagree with that thing strongly. One of the questions was would you be able to tolerate or talk with or something like that a women who was crying. For me the answer was a definite yes because girls are suppose to cry, and according to many people and media they cry at even stupid things. So with this idea it has become normal to see a crying women and not think too much of it. I have seen girls cry over the most ridicules stuff that even them later would agree was really stupid to be crying about. However the next question was would you be able to deal with a crying man, for me this was a definite no, for the most part. Under normal circumstances if a guy was just crying it would be really awkward for me and I
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Unformatted text preview: would in reality probably be able to comfort him but I would think that its completely weird and probably honestly would think less of him for it. 2. In reading this it reminded me that in some situations in my opinion it is ok for people to cry. Such as a death of a loved one, however at the same time I would expect a man to keep most of those emotions private or only with someone really close. 3. My question is why do some societys have reversed roles where men are suppose to be the emotional ones, it would seem that testosterone which makes men, men would dictate that. 4 . It was weird for me to see just how much “blowing off steam” can hurt your health in the long run, and that counting down from 10 is so much better. 5. After reading that section it made me think what I do blow off steam or count to 10 and I realized I don’t get that angry all most ever which is a little out of my gender role I guess....
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