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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 18 Men’s CH.14 1. While reading this chapter and after seeing a show on TV last night I really have started thinking about whether or not anyone of us and more so if I could go crazy. Like most people I want to think that pretty much no matter what happens to me I couldn’t go crazy. In the show I was watching a guy became a killer after his girlfriend was murdered and probably raped by some gang bangers in front of him while people were restraining him. He ends up going crazy but he doesn’t even know it and killing people that try and rob him and ultimately the same people that killed and probably raped his girlfriend. In the show they even addressed this, maybe we are all just one really bad day away from going crazy. 2 . Suicide is a big issue with teenage kids and I believe some lonely single men as well. I always thought this was an interesting topic and personally I find it hard to ever think that someone would want to go through with this.
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Unformatted text preview: I have always thought that if life ever got so bad that I wanted to commit suicide that I would just move away or just go travel all around the world if I still had my money. Or maybe even at that point just do something crazy that I would never do before. 3. My question is as a society why do we find it ok for people to say and do things that if they weren’t on that substance we would make fun of them for? Like a guy that’s been drinking going around doing stupid stuff. 4 . Depression is a complicated thing because to me it seems like a lot of time people that actually should be depressed like kids growing up with nothing in crappy neighborhoods seem less depressed then the kid growing up in some random city. 5. The last interesting thing is that marriage has a protective effect on men’s mental health which makes sense because I guess they have someone there to be with and spend time with and talk about everything, instead of just being lonely....
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