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PP Paper #12 - Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper 12...

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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 12 Women and Gender Ch.10 The Masculine self Ch.10 1. Work is an interesting thing because especially for men it seems like everything that society does is gearing them towards working someday. If you ask a little kid what they want to be when they grow up it seems like boys have more real world work related things in mind such as a fireman, cop, construction worker or many other things. However from my experience it seems like little girls want to be princesses, or ballerinas, housewives or something more of a dream and less of a real job. When they grow up it does seem like girls and boys get more realistic ideas but it seems like the world really gears men towards knowing they need to work and contribute to the family. 2 . I think it is interesting that so many people feel like women can’t be as good of leaders as men. I think personally overall there are more men that have that really good leading quality just
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