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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 10 Masculine Self Ch.9 Women and Gender Ch.11 1. I find it very interesting that a mans life span is more than five years shorter then that of a women’s. From a biological perspective I guess it makes sense because once a job has impregnated a women his role is more or less done. However at the same time any many many societies and for a fact when the women is pregnant the man has to be the one to provide for the family this being said you think he would stay alive just as long. Who is to provide for the child and the women after and or during pregnancy if the man is not there to get food and build a shelter and other tasks such as that. 2 . After reading this chapter I see Hormones may play a role in the shortened life span of many men. Because guys have so much more testosterone it would make sense that they would have a shorter lifespan I believe I have read or heard before that one of the risks with steroids which is basically testosterone is heart disease.
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Unformatted text preview: Since heart disease is a major killer in our society and testosterone promotes it this would make sense. 3. My question for the mens book is in the future or in societies where men act like women or there is no gender do men live just as long as women or is this true that men live shorter lives then women for all culture. 4 . I found the little article about what would happen if men could menstruate and women couldnt very interesting. However I disagree with this some what, because I dont think congress would fund some kind of monthly relief program. However I do think man would brag about it to some what of an extend. I think It would be similar to farting where people dont talk about it a lot but guys will on some occasions see who can have the louder fart or burp. 5. My question is how many women actually just use PMS as an excuse to be mean and to get out of obligations, I have seen it before and it makes me curious if there is a study done....
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