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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 11 Women and Gender Ch.7 1. In reading this chapter of the women’s book I found it very interesting how they talked about sexism. Don’t get me wrong I do think there is still sexism but for the most part I think people have to realize its pretty close to not being sexist. I think no matter how far in the future you go there will always be some degree of sexism. Its one of those things that we look at some one and we notice right away. Even though people would like to think that they don’t judge people based on the way they look, their wrong. In fact it’s a good thing to judge a person based on the way they look, because more often then not people dress and appear a certain way and that way has something to do with their personality. I don’t consider myself racist but if I see someone dressed up like a gangster or a cholo Im going to put them into a stereotypical role that they have
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Unformatted text preview: dressed to look like. If that same person is wearing a suit and doesn’t have a mean look on their face I would probably have nothing against them. 2 . I think that it is interesting that women that I have talked to tend to want equal rights but only for the good stuff. Feminist seem to be going after all the benefits of being a guy and none of the negative stuff. I don’t see most feminists trying to make it so women can get drafted into war, or doing all the things guys don’t want to do. 3. My question for the women’s book is there a study that shows the levels of sexism in the US from its start to the current time. 4 . From my experiences it seems that women like a certain level of sexism, such as when it is a protective kind of sexism, at least to a point. 5. My second question is what is the difference between sexist prejudice and sexist discrimination, they seem like the same thing to me....
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