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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 13 The Masculine self Ch.11 1. I always found it interesting that women were put down and made fun of for having multiple sexual partners while men are encouraged by society do so. Men are pimps and players while women are whores or sluts, the first for men has a very positive connotation in the popular culture and media. However for women it has a very negative connotation. This is intresting because for a man to have relationships with many different women that means many different women need to have relationships back with them, and by the very nature unless all guys are just doing it with a very small number of women if guys have a lot of sexual partners then by using the logic that it takes two people to do this that must mean girls are doing the same thing however its still looked down upon. 2 . My question is regarding the statement above, why is it ok and accepted by society for men to be sexually active but not women. 3.
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