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Take Home Test 1. What is the literal meaning of the term “El Nino”? In Spanish, El Nino literally means the little boy or Christ child. 2. How did the name for this climatic phenomenon originate? Explain. The name El Niño (Christ child) was originally given by Peruvian fisherman to a warm current that emerged each year around Christmas. Since Christmas time is commonly based around Jesus Christ, the name, El Nino, was very appropriate. It wasn't until the 1960s that it was widely realized that this wasn’t just a local Peruvian event, but dealt with changes over the entire tropical Pacific and beyond. 3. What are the specific areas affected by the El Nino Phenomenon? El Niño can be found amongst the surface layers of the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean off the west coast of South America. 4. Some scientist now believes that the El Nino phenomenon may be global in its effects. What is the SPECIFIC EVIDENCE for this assumption? Please cite and explain this evidence. El Niño is an interruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific Ocean that has significant consequences for the weather around the globe. This form results in the redistribution of rains with flooding and droughts. The El Niño current is caused by large-scale interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere. Today, the term El Nino is a sequence of changes in circulations across the Pacific Ocean and Indonesian archipelago when warming is particularly strong which is usually every three to eight years. Characteristic changes in the atmosphere accompany those in the ocean that ends up in changed weather patterns across the globe. (http://ess.geology.ufl.edu/usra_esse/el_nino.html)
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oceanographytakehometest - Take Home Test 1 What is the...

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