327 syllabus (S2008)

327 syllabus (S2008) - Writing 327 sections 3 6 and 8...

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Writing 327, sections 3, 6, and 8 Instructor: Jeremy Reed Email: [email protected] Office phone: 737-1665 Office: Moreland 358 Office Hours: MWF 4:10-5:30, or by appointment Required Text: Technical Communication Today . by Richard Johnson-Sheehan. Pearson-Lomgman. ISBN: 0321457587 Course Description and Objectives: This course starts with the understanding that technical communication is action-oriented. That is, technical writing is a mode of information management designed to either prompt action (as is the case with persuasive documents like resumes or proposals) or enable action (as with instructions or informative reports). Technical writing, in other words, is a form of communication that has a job to do. Because of this, this class not only will introduce students to the conventions of different forms of technical writing, but more importantly, will also help students recognize the conjunction between critical thinking and communication skills and to view writing as a problem-solving act. This class will teach students how to write memos, resumes and cover letters, instructional documents, proposals, and reports. Further, upon completion of the course, students will be able to analyze the purpose and audience for documents produced in technical fields and to effectively manage information in order to produce clear and effective documents. Course Policies: Attendance: Regular attendance is vital to your success in this class. In the business world, you are expected to show up regularly and on time; the expectations for this class are the same. For this reason, if you miss more than three (3) days of class for any reason , your final grade will be lowered by 10 points per day. Furthermore, you are responsible for all materials, ideas, or information in the class, including that which is presented while you are
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327 syllabus (S2008) - Writing 327 sections 3 6 and 8...

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