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I think one big issue that many people are either oblivious to or just ignoring is genocide especially that, that is going on in Africa. I think this is a horrible thing that needs to be stopped, and I do feel that the UN and even the US should get involved. I think anthropology could be used in many different ways to help combat this problem such as maybe educating those that are doing the killing on the culture of those that they are killing. I think if people were more well educated then they would be less intolerant, and maybe stop trying to harm them. However chances are slim that this would probably work I guess anything is worth a try. Anthropology could be used to help understand what the killers find scared and how to convince them to stop as well. I think in the end often even though many people wouldn’t like to admit it the only answer sometimes is violence, and war. Everyone understands the language of war and sometimes that’s the only way to stop a problem. This is especially true when the problem is violence related.
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