Assignment #3 - Travis Marziani Anthropology 103 Assignment...

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Travis Marziani Anthropology 103 Assignment 3 Where Fat Is a Mark of Beauty Article #23 Review The article “Where Fat Is the Mark of Beauty” is about how women in Akpabuyo, Nigeria actually strive to be fat and plump. Women in this area at a certain age sometimes around 7 years of age but often later go into a special room, a “fattening room”, where all they do is eat bowls of rice, yams, plantains, beans and other foods of this nature. In this area it is thought that the fatter a women is the more attractive that she is. However Western medicine and culture does look down upon this and they have found obvious health risks due to this practice of excessive over heating. However the tradition still continues but not quite as strong as it did in the past partly because more families can’t afford to let their daughter eat all the time. She spends the time also learning how to be a proper women and she is taught how to walk, talk and do everything properly to be a great wife when she gets married. In this article the author uses many different facts to support his statement such as quotes from the villagers, reasoning behind this statement, and details about the process to support her main argument. Throughout the article there is many quotes used such as “beauty is in weight” which was said by Edet a woman of the
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Assignment #3 - Travis Marziani Anthropology 103 Assignment...

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