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EX Credit posts - class Honestly one of the biggest things...

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Taking this class was more or less what I have expected. I love the fact that I can do everything when I want anytime throughout the week even though most time it seemed like the only free moment I had was right before it was due, it still let me schedule this class around my life. The other thing I like about this class is that I don’t usually really learn too much in class, and I end up just wasting 3 hours a week going to class, however with this class I got to learn everything whenever I wanted to. That came really handy because anytime I was bored I could just start reading or doing my anthropology homework. I don’t think there is really anything that I would have done differently I think the way the class was ran was perfect. I think to be honest everything pretty much interested me, a lot of this stuff was the first time I really thought about it like I did in this
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Unformatted text preview: class. Honestly one of the biggest things I learned between this class and my psychology class is the fact that gay people are treated differently in other cultures and it some places it is common. In this class one of the most interesting things I learned regarded the monkeys who actually would have intercourse within their same sex, I figure if they do it, it must not be too much against the natural course of things, so I think that, this class has made me more tolerant. I tell most people now if you are thinking about taking an online class or they offer your class in online format take it. I personally love just about every experience I have had in this class between the way things are graded, the way things fit around my schedule and the instant feedback....
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