Restraunt Analysis - Travis Marziani September 16th 2007...

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Travis Marziani September 16 th 2007 Anthropology 103 Comparative Analysis of Cultural In Restaurants Restaurants are the perfect way for an outsider to get a look into an ethnic group’s culture, without getting too involved in their society. Throughout America different ethnic groups have started restaurants, and more often then not they will bring some of their culture and heritage into the restaurant. Mexican restaurants are what many people would probably think of at first when thinking of a culture that shows its ethnicity in their restaurants, and they are a perfect example because many are family owned and operated. Chinese Restaurants are another great example because they decorate and style everything in a completely different way then many other restaurants would. Lastly Italian restaurants with their family orientated and cheery atmosphere along with their homey sense is another example of seeing culture through restaurants. Las Delicias, Moon Wok and Buca Di Beppo restaurants represent three distinctively different cultures, and show a lot about their respective culture. In Newhall there is a restaurant named Las Delicias that is not well known, but it draws in a lot of the locals and shows that Mexican culture values their Family, entertainment and fresh food. Las Delicias is located at 22928 W. Lyons Ave. Newhall and was first established in 1984, their phone number is 661-287-1512. I visited the restaurant on Saturday September 15 th 2007, and they are open Monday-Sunday 1-8 p.m. There is about 7 people working at any one time and the staff speaks English but mostly poor English, most clientele speak Spanish and are lower class. Inside the distinctively Mexican styled restaurant with white and green walls there is enough tables for about 40
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Restraunt Analysis - Travis Marziani September 16th 2007...

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