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Answer TWO of the three short answer questions below and include them in the text of an email sent to the instructor due on the same day you complete your quiz. [email protected] Your responses should be in a paragraph form (5-7 sentences) and answer all parts of the question. ( Each answer worth up to 5 points) 1. How is clothing a reflection of cultural change? 2. Summarize the theory behind linguistic determinism. 3. What is the What is the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)? The Human Relations Area Files is a database collection of over one million pages worth of information on cultures and anthropology. The database is used for many things however one of its main purposes is cross cultural analyzes. The database is run by a company called Human Relations Area Files Inc. out of New Haven Connecticut; it is a non profit organization that has over 300 members. It has two main sections one of which is archeology and the other is ethnography. This database is crucial for anthropologist all over the world to use to compare information that they obtain to the
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