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How close you are when you talk to someone can completely change what you say and how people react to what you are saying. For instance if you are at a normal to far distance and ask someone of the opposite sex “how they are” they will answer the question with out thinking about often even if you don’t really know them. However if you are really close to that same person and ask chances are they will think that you are hitting on them whether or not they are. Girls seem to talk at a closer distance sometimes depending on the situation. If someone of the opposite sex gets really close it can seem like are about to kiss or hug you and it may become weird depending on your feeling towards them and other variables. The bigger the group of people the farther away people tend to be when talking due to the fact that often these groups will talk in circles and someone will talking to someone else across the circle. Different Ethnic groups do stand at different distances but it was hard to see too much variation. Well I was at a party this last weekend I was thing about the different ways men
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