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Week 2 Posts - They also don’t involve them selves with...

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There is only two other countries that I have been to, one is Mexico and the other is Scotland. When I have gone to Mexico however Its been as more of tourist and less actually immersed in the culture. However that being said there culture is so much different from the one I am used too. When I went places to eat there would be flies everywhere and the tables were dirty. Often times when eating out in Mexico you would find yourself wondering just what kind of meat this really is. When I went to Scotland I went with a friend of mine who had family up there so I found my self more involved in the culture. There was a lot of similarities to our culture they kind of TV they watched seemed different and the food was also different but I don’t think there was anything that was really crazy. The Amish are a group of Christians referred to as Anabaptist Christians, they are known for dressing very plainly and believing very strict religious views. They are also very well known for not using electricity or cars or many modern day conveniences.
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Unformatted text preview: They also don’t involve them selves with the government in any way, they don’t join the military, apply for social security or take part in other government oriented things. The modern day Amish are descendants of Swiss Anabaptist Christians, which is where many Mennonites descend from. The first Amish migrated to Pennsylvania in the 18 th century. They are related to the Mennonites because they are actually descendants of this group. They also usually speak a dialect known as Pennsylvanian Dutch. They still retain not using modern day anything. And the plain dress and the labor and great work ethic of there ancestors. They still believe and practice in the same manner as there ancestors. They also farm and eat the food that they make themselves like there ancestors did. Amish kids attend Amish and not regular public schools. These schools are usually one room schools where they focus on the basics such as reading writing and arithmetic....
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