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In article 2 George Gmelch learned many different lessons including things about his country the country he was visiting the people there and himself. After the experience of going out to the field every student seemed to have an understating of themselves from the way that other people look at them. He and the other students became less materialistic and more in tune to how other people from different society view them. The students and George realized how other view America as both a great power house but as a wasteful country as well. One of the most important parts about doing the field work was learning about the people that lived their and their different ways of life and the different social codes that they live by. He also seemed to get a very good understanding of the country that he visited learning about the way they live, and everything that envelopes the country. He realized I think for the first time that he was a white person, and in this place that was very out of the ordinary. There is nothing that I would change if I did this
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