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1. How are subsistence patterns related to male/female personality characteristics? 2. How is labor divided by age cross-culturally? 3. What are fictive marriages and what are the various forms they can take? What are the benefits of this type of marriage? Question 1 Subsistence patterns are directly related to male and female personality characteristics because differences in work load and job’s of different sexes are often determined by the subsistence pattern. In Hunter-Gatherer societies its is often men that do the hunting and women that do the gathering, this shapes the boys personalities to be more aggressive and makes them form different bonds with other males. The females in hunter-Gatherer societies on the other hand are more passive because of this and have more social bonds with other females. In other societies there is no distinction or very little between what is considered men’s work, and women’s work and we see in these societies that there is little distinction in males and
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