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Test #3 - Question#3 Rites of intensification are rituals...

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Question #1 Honor killing is the murder of someone who usually is a female, by there family because the victim did something to disgrace the family. The family either kills the victim themselves or has someone else do it for them, this serves to undo the damage of whatever deed that the victim to hurt the families reputation. Usually the victim of the honor killing is killed because he or more likely she did something of a sexual nature to disgrace the family. Some such examples of sexual deeds that would disgrace the family are committing adultery, being a victim of a sexual assault, getting a divorce or refusing to enter into an arranged marriage. Honor killings mainly happen in rural Muslim tribes in Iran and in Pakistan.
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Unformatted text preview: Question #3 Rites of intensification are rituals that take place when there is intense problem in a group. The rites of intensification are used to bring the family together and to ease any sense of danger. Some such events are a natural disaster, War, or any other extreme event that results in a crisis. To ease any sense of unease or danger mass ceremonies take place, this brings everyone together and give them an objective to achieve. Funerals also serve as a rite of intensification, in fact some Melanesians used (and possibly still do) eat the flash of the dead person as a ceremonial act. In all rites of intensification are used to ease people and bring the family or group even closer together....
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