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Test #4 - Question 1 A creation myth might express a...

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Question 1 A creation myth might express a people’s world view in many different ways such as what is scared to them, what is evil, and Ideas about how science works. The first way a creation myth could suggest a groups world views is showing what is scared or valued by that culture, An example of this is one creation myth that involved people that a supernatural being turned corn into people. This shows that the lifeblood of this particular society is corn and it is highly prized. Other creation myths will involve a good and a bad supernatural being, often times the evil monster will be portrayed as something evil to the society, such as maybe a snake as in the Adam and Eve story. Creation myths could also show a societies ideas of science at the time, such as myths that involve gods controlling things such as volcanoes, which we now know is controlled by lava flow and other factors, which they explained away as the gods. Creation myths can tell a researcher more about a society then would be
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