The Effects of Globalization

The Effects of Globalization - Travis Marziani Anthropology...

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Travis Marziani Anthropology 103 The Effects of Globalization One of the hallmarks of globalization is the interconnectedness of people and places on account of high-tech communications, improvements in transportation, global capitalism, and the emergence of regional or international arrangements and organization that facilitate production, exchange, and consumption of goods and ideas at a global scale. Part One: Globalization in Your Closet 1. Wardrobe Inventory Inspect your wardrobe and check a minimum of 25 items belonging to at least four different classes of items (e.g. pants, shirts, coats, shoes) List where the items were made or assembled. Country/Location Number of Items U.S.A. 4 Honduras 6 Dominican Republic 5 Mexico 7 China 3 2. Calculating Percentages Calculate what percentage of clothing was made in the different countries Divide the number of each country by the total number of clothing items. Country/Location Percentages USA 16% Honduras 24% Dominican Republic 20% Mexico 28% China 12%
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Part Two: The Global Corporation 1. Choose an international corporation that is well known throughout the world. Complete
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The Effects of Globalization - Travis Marziani Anthropology...

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