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I actually know two twins that grew up apart from each other in different households. They are still very similar in many ways but different in many ways. They both believe in a lot of the same things that the house that they grew up in believed. One of the houses was more of a conservative family and the other was more liberal. They are both fairly athletic but one of them is more athletic than the other, which I guess is due to the more sports that the one brother played. But every once and a while its hard the two apart and its kind of funny. It really shows how environment can play a big role as well as nurture. At the same time however it does show that nature is important because both of the twins are very athletic. My parents named me Travis because it was a name that they agreed on and along with one other little thing. My dad wanted to name me rocky because of rocky Marciano
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Unformatted text preview: which I probably spelled wrong. He was a famous Italian boxer and was undefeated. My mom however didn’t like this name because she thought that I would get in to many fights if I had that as a name so they named me Travis. They also made my first two initials TD, meaning touchdown because my dad played football and I think he wanted me to grow up to play football which I did for eight years of my life. The name doesn’t really change my sense of self however Rocky would have been a cool name. I don’t think names are really that important like having a name that means a famous warrior or something, I think its better to make your name be thought of a something because of what you do, for instance when you hear someone with the name of whatever that is famous you think of the famous person if it’s a unusual name....
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