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If I could only take 5 items because I was living with the Bushman in the desert I would probably bring a knife, a really good lighter, A toothbrush, a textbook of some kind maybe a physics book or something and lastly a bunch of pencils or pens to write with. First a knife is very important because it could be used in self defense or it could be used for many purposes such as helping with the butchering of meat. A good lighter would be helpful to easily start fires, im sure they have some that contain a lot of fuel but also are very weather proof, and their sole purpose is for survival situations. A toothbrush is another important one because otherwise a lot of meat and other stuff can get caught in your teeth and their isn’t any way to get it out. I would like to bring a text book probably a big physics one that way I could teach myself physics anytime that I am bored which would last a lot longer then a normal book would.
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