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week 9 posts - I would expect a women to show her power in...

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I think life would be very interesting in a matriarchal society, especially from mine a male point of view. I guess as a guy there is a certain level of power that I have with out even thinking about it. You see this all the time in just about every competition a guys friends will always give him a hard time if he loses to a girl even if it is a competition where a guy would have no real advantage. I think it wouldn’t be all that much different overall though honestly. In matriarchal society women would show their power in different ways then men would most likely. For instance a man might show his power through violent ways such as killing people or the strength of his army.
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Unformatted text preview: I would expect a women to show her power in a less violent way such as their possessions, and through making decisions that would help children. The roles for men are more or less the same the only difference being that men cant own property and that they would have no political power. After 911 there didn’t seem to me like there was that much of a changes because the Islam practiced by this particular society is a peaceful sub genre of Islam not the sub genre that the terrorist responsible for 911 believed in. It seemed that after 911 it showed that not all people who practice Islam are evil people and showed us that they are in fact even more peaceful than us....
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