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week 11 posts - a good idea she rather reluctantly married...

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I picked Prime Minister Helen Clark; she is the prime Minster of the country New Zealand. Helen Clark spent her time tending to sheep and cattle in her family farm. Helen Clark became politically active at a young age, she started by protesting the Vietnam war and foreign military bases on New Zealand soil. She did not come into a political family but rather found inspiration from other methods such as school teachers for role models of politics. She also did not get a job position that her husband or father had held. She actually only married her husband after her party told her that it would be
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Unformatted text preview: a good idea, she rather reluctantly married him as well, she cried through out the entire ceremony. She claimed that she cried throughout the ceremony due to headaches however. Her early life is all most in no way comparable to that of my own. She started out living on a farm and I have never lived on a farm. Then later she went to a private boarding school, the only correlation I see between her and me is we both went to school but that’s a pretty common one....
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