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week 10 posts - It seems to me that the website is mostly...

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It seems to me that the website is mostly aimed towards practicing Hindus but it also seems like it caters very much to people that do not follow the Hindu religion because it has a lot information about Hinduism that followers of the religion would find pretty much useless because they would most likely already know this. It looks as the website has information for both the older generation and the younger American generation, it has a bit of an older feel to it and it has a lot of information that older people would like to know. However anytime something has to do with technology I always think that it is aimed more so at younger people then older people. The temple is open to the community so this website helps to educate people that come to the temple about all the proper things to do. Some of those concerns that are talked about is outsiders not respecting the temple. It is a very basic website their isn’t too much that really caught my eye as unique.
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