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Women s Studies 100A Hilary Malatino H Final Paper 13 May 2008 1 Feminism and Universal Sisterhood F Feminism is a term that is thrown around carelessly, but in reality, there are more meaningful causes that determine the essence of feminism. Gender is not necessarily relative to being a feminist. Though most members of the feminist movement are women, they do not all share the same beliefs towards feminism. Often these differences include race, sexuality, status, ethnicity, and said station in life. There are many assumptions made towards universal sisterhood on the basis of gender; such assumptions do not take into account individual differences that influence their aspirations and drive each woman to fight for her cause. Universal sisterhood often suggests the notion that women are a culturally singular, homogenous group that has the same interests, perspectives, goals and similar experiences. (Mohanty, 110) Feminism is often viewed It is a particular academic arrogance to assume any discussion of feminist theory without examining
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