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I picked Confucianism and this is how I think someone with those beliefs would act in the different situations. 1. I think someone who believes in Confucianism would work as hard as they can to bring up their grade and take responsibility for their actions and would probably tell their parents how they are doing in this class and the situation that they are in. 2. I fell that a person following these beliefs would just tell the friend that is trying to get them to start smoking no and that it is bad for them. The person would try their best to get them to stop smoking as well. 3. If someone in this belief system found this money I think they would turn it in or just
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Unformatted text preview: leave it their for the owner to come back and find them selves but I seriously doubt that they would take the money. 4. I think that a person with these beliefs would confront their sibling and tell them that what they are doing is wrong and try to help them with the subject to get better grades and do better in the class. 5. I think a confusist would not take the item that they desire but instead work up enough money to be able to afford one for themselves. I think they would work very hard because that seems like that is an important aspect in this belief system....
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