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Week 14 posts - I picked a legend about a woman who was...

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I picked a legend about a woman who was driving late at night by herself on the road and she needed to pull over for a rest but she saw a run down gas station so she decided that she should pull over there. A gas attendant came out and was giving her weird looks and doing whatever he could not to let her go and he asked her to pop the trunk. She was reluctant to do so but the man asked her to come look at the engine. He then covered her mouth and dragged her inside, she was freaked out and bit the man, but he told her that there was a man sitting down crouched in her backseat. They called the cops and found out that it was a serial killer and that he was just waiting to kill her. It was not however true but it was not confirmed to be false. When reading some of these stories it was surprising that some of them were true, but at the same time the vast majority of them seemed to be false. I cant believe that some of these are able to get so big, you think people wouldn’t believe them right away.
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