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There are many concerns dealing with Native Americans and their tribes, including how much land the Native Americans should get, what laws and federal regulations should be enforced, and are they losing their culture. I think a big issue has always been how much land should Native Americans get people that used to inhabitant any and all land in this are they wanted to with out people coming in and telling them that cant live somewhere with out paying for it. So Native American reservations were created, this is land that the Native American tribes own. On this land there is a different set of laws per se, and often
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Unformatted text preview: this will be most easily seen with gambling laws. Next is the problem with the tribes losing their culture this is being helped out with H.R.4766 a bill that has been passed which sole purpose is to prevent the loss of culture. There is many things that I as a student or other students could do. Some such things are petitions or other forms of protest such as picketing or writing letters. College of the canyons already has a class about native Americans but maybe another class would help out. They could also spread the word about the issue with bulletins or other such actions....
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