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PP Paper #15 - Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper 16...

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Travis Marziani Psychology 235 PP Paper # 16 Masculine Self Ch.13 1. In reading Ch.13 I read one section that had to deal with fraternities and sorties, it surprised me that while reading this it said that some people see them as sexist. I never even thought about that because its just natural that fraternities would be only males and sororities only females. I think there is a special bond that is shared by people of the same sex and that is a different type of friendship bind then that shared with a friend of the opposite sex. I personally notice this with my friends, what I talk about or what we do with female friends is a lot different that what I and or my friends do with our friends of the opposite sex. 2 . Another interesting thing that I read was dealing with how men use positive emotions and other things of that nature to describe a friend. They use words that sound like they are describing someone they love but if someone says that it sounds like they love this person they will become flustered and will become defensive. They will say things like we aren’t
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