Lecture 1 - Evolution - Lecture 1 Evolution A Creationism...

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Lecture 1 – Evolution A. Creationism - A.k.a. intelligent design Came from a philosopher who said “someone” had to make that (watch from sand and ocean on beach story) How could this have happened? 550-560 million years ago was the last time the earth was covered in ice and everything came about after that 1. Theory (basic ideas) - Major view in 14,15,16 th (14,1500) centuries, until Darwin explored in the 1800s a. Divine being - God creat ed all the difference kind of organisms at the b eginning of the b. Immut able - The organisms are unch anging (we are hu m ans, a nd we always have b e e n hu m ans, there h as never b e en a chang e) c. No Relationship - There is no relationship a m ongst the organisms, there were no co m m on ancestors b etwe en hu m ans, m onkey, e coli d. 6000 years old - The e arth is very young, about 6000 years old (supposedly it a bout 6.5 billion and life a bout 3.5 billion) 2. Evidence - As a scientist, we h ave to work in the natural world, not the In the n atural world we work with facts A fact is a nything that BOTH observable a nd verifiable o If no one else saw it, it is not verifiable a nd it is not a fact a. Bible – a g e of e arth Count ed back the gen erations in the Bible, from the different g en erations listed they figured the e arth was about 6000 ye ars old b. Bible – God creat ed
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The Bible says God created all As a scientist, these aren’t facts, we have to take them by faith c. Aristotles’ “scala naturae” Lived in about 300 B.C., wrote this book and described every species in  By reading it we can note that there have been no change in these past  d. Flora and fauna of Europe Flora =  plants, fauna =  animals In Europe these were distinct, and there wasn’t a large variety o This was because they couldn’t see the different relationships because  very few species were known B. Evolution - Charles Darwin is given the credit for this, he studied in biology and  geology, but he was not the only person to study this 1. Theory a. Organisms related - He thought that organisms are related by a gradual branching descent We started off with a few organisms and those few evolved into many  From single-celled   man b. Natural selection - Something in the environment that causes us to separate and become  different Competition for food is a very powerful driving force
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Lecture 1 - Evolution - Lecture 1 Evolution A Creationism...

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