Lecture 8 - Protans-II - Lecture 8 Protans-II F Cercozoa...

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Lecture 8 - Protans-II F. Cercozoa – pseudopods or amoeba with tests (shells) 1. Actinopoda – what pseudopods are called in actinopoda axopodia plankton heliozoans radiolarians 2. Foraminifera marine shell land formation G. Amoebazoa 1. Rhizopoda fresh water, salt water body shape pseudopodia phagocytosis Amoeba proteus Entamoeba histolytica – an example of rhizopoda (phylum name); common cause of a severe type of diarrhea called dysentery (blood in stool) from contaminated water H. Plants (monophyletic group) – have chloroplasts with two outer membranes 1.RHODOPHYTA( phylum name (this is the real name for the RED ALGAE)) in the kingdom Protista 1) Pigments chlorophylls a and d (chlorophyll a means they produce oxygen) phycoerythrin (red pigment) phycocyanin (blue pigment) (these two pigments were also in the blue-green bacteria, so it is thought that maybe the red algae evolved from them) 2) Floridean starch – food storage (not the same as the starch from a higher plant) 3) Seaweeds - they are pig enough that you can see, multicellular with structures that look like leaves but you can’t call them that because they are not vascular tissues (bodies are still called a thallus) 4) Habitat – because of those two pigments you can find them growing deep in the ocean (a lot deeper than the brown algae); Thallus – bodies are a thallus because no vascular tissue Agar and Carrageenan – compounds that are economically important; agar = a gelling agent (used in microbiology because it can isolate; in jelly candies; capsules made of dry agar);
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Lecture 8 - Protans-II - Lecture 8 Protans-II F Cercozoa...

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