Lecture 1 What is Biology - Lecture 1 What is...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-27-2007Lecture 1: What is Biology?•The Science of LifeoA. Life1. The Three Domains (Fig 1.9)Whittaker (1969) created the Five Kingdom System (he had an electron microscope)MoneraProtistaFungiPlantsAnimalsMonera – prokaryotic (pro = before, karyotic = the nucleus), lacks a nucleus and any membranous organelles (no chloroplasts, no mitochondria), HAVE ribosomes (ribosome has no membrane, technically not an organelle)Protista, Fungi, Plants, & Animals – eukaryotic (eu = true, karyotic = the nucleus)Woese (1978) – responsible for DNA & RNA, came up with the three domain system, the heirarchy of classification:-Domain- Kingdom- Phylum- Class- Order- Family- Genus- Species*Archaea (has domains, not kingdoms) * Bacteria(has domains, not kingdoms)* Eukarya ArchaeaCell wall has no mureinCell membrane phospholipids have etherlinks (C-O-C)Examples: methanogens – organisms that produce methane gas and heatextreme thermophils – heat-loving organisms that thrive in temperatures that would kill humansextreme halophils – salt-loving organisms•Archaea were thought to be the most similar to beginning organisms because the organisms thrived in harsh environments similar to early earth, but bacteria were found to be the most ancientBacteriaCell wall contains mureinCell membrane phospholipids have esterlinks C C-C-O-C Examples: EcoliStreptococciStaphyococci(Top 10 “nasty?” organisms in hospitals)•Define archaea – prokaryotic, no murein, phospholipids have etherlinks•Define eukarya – eukaryotic (has membrane-bound organisms), a domain...
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Lecture 1 What is Biology - Lecture 1 What is...

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